Great Green Vehicle for VideoRay Tank Inspection / Ops

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Great Green Vehicle for VideoRay Tank Inspection / Ops

Postby BLuzzi » Fri Mar 18, 2011 10:52 am

From Steve Van Meter - Van Meter Consulting -


Went to Alabama a few days ago to conduct some internal tank inspections for a client. Normally I rent a mini van or other large vehicle to carry me, the gear and to work from to keep out of the elements and sun. This time the rental company only had small vehicle available so I selected the Nissan Cube, pretty ugly to my view but lots of interior room. It drove OK and got about 24 mph. The big surprise was using it as a work station, it was perfect, easy to squeeze between the tanks and equipment with lots of headroom once inside the rear compartment. I dropped the rear seats and used them as my table and sat on the raised lip of the door jam. Worked like a charm. The best part was the cost $21 per day.

The photos below give you an idea of what I'm talking about. MAybe this green thing is not so bad!



SVM Tank1_sm.jpg

Tanks at Power Plant, red is 550,000 gal filtered water, blue is 1.4 million gal demineralized water

SVM Tank2_sm.jpg

Parked next to tank

SVM Tank3_sm.jpg

Interior view of work station, notice lots of headroom.
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