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ROVs in Action

Postby jrmyers » Fri Mar 11, 2005 1:36 pm

The most usefull items I have used and find benificial to every day use of the Video Ray has been the PC Pilot and the Sea Sprite Sonar. Being in the Coast Guard and having such a new tool, it has become curious function of the MSST here in Seattle with other units and there comands. It is extreamlly usefull to utilize the PC Pilot and the Sea Sprite Sonar allowing other observers to watch the monitor and computer screen with out them having to look over your shoulder. The other comands were really amazed at the visability and different functions the ROV offers. We have conducted pier sweeps, hull inspections, prop inspections, and tank inspections of CG vessels and commercial vessels.

The most fun experience I have had was when the CG headquarters asked if MSST 91101 Video Ray opperators to join them in Pensacola FL. to conduct testing and evaluation of the RB-S 25 ft Diffender Class boat.

We sent two divers and two opperators down to support the evolution. We where to take video footage of the vessel as they rolled it over to check the servivability of the crew. We started off with all doors and windows in the closed position and rolled it over where it rested for about 20 minutes before the divers opened the side door allowing the RB-S to rest at sponson level. I piloted the ROV through the open door to video the water level in the cabin. I also used the ROV to get close the vessel and video the roll over where the divers were not allowed due to safety concerns. The manufacturer of the RB-S was on site aswell to try out a prototype air bag system to rerite the vessel.
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