Pipeline and Ship Hull Inspection

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Pipeline and Ship Hull Inspection

Postby thomas » Fri Apr 08, 2005 9:53 pm

We have been asked to inspect a 5km. pipeline over a 10 point transect. Pipeline was assembled on land, surface-towed to it's final position, then slowly sinked. On the 10:11:31 picture you see 2 tubes: the upper one served as float to the lower. Over a 12 hour mission time, we were able to inspect close to 1.000 meters of pipeline. Most of the monitoring was diver-assisted. The oceanographic institution we worked for wanted to document if the pipeline was stable on the bottom. Working depths ranged from 6 to 16m. Technical debriefing is that a lateral camera would have been of great help, this point was already raised by ship hull inspection specialists at VIPS 2004. Our tentative objective is to place a bullet camera on the rotating axis of the manipulator, allowing a "lateral tilt" (180º). Question is now: direct feed through the umbilical ... or another messy cable sending video to another recording device. I hope the answer can be put on hold until VIPS 2005. Client is, nevertheless, satisfied with performances.
By the way ... we burned 2 TV sets (overheating, I guess): if any of you have a collateral cost improvement idea, welcome!

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