Bottom Mount for SeaSprite Sonar

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Bottom Mount for SeaSprite Sonar

Postby rovsteve » Wed Mar 24, 2010 11:32 am

Here are photos of a bottom mount I made to hold the SeaSprite scanning sonar on the VideoRay Pro 4 skid. I'm in the process of conducting a 5'x8' concrete box culvert inspection at the Orlando Airport and due to poor visibility in the water I need to stay in contact with the top of the structure. This presents a problem for the sonar as it reduces it's range and also scrapes the unit and could cause some damage or knock it off the float block. When the sonar is mounted on the bottom it also makes use of the hull crawler possible while still using the sonar. The mount would also work on the Pro 3 skid as the hole pattern is the same. I plan on using the hull crawler to do the inspection since the box culvert roof is flat, smooth concrete.

There are other times the mounting the sonar on the bottom can be useful. In 2008 I conducted a survey of a flooded coal mine in India and quickly noticed the sonar on the top of the VideoRay was a problem due to flying along the ceiling of the mine. I mounted the sonar, using tape and plastic wire ties to the bottom of the sub and my sonar images were much better.

The mount was constructed of PVC Starboard, a product used in the marine industry for boats. Very easy to make and it seems to work fine. This would have been great in the India mine mission. If anyone needs specific info on making it let me know and I'll send it along. I used a drill press and a milling machine for most of the work but the PVC is very easy to work with so you could use almost any power or hand tools. By the way, I'm a function type guy and am not too interested in appearances,as long as it works!

Bottom Mount 1.jpg

Bottom Mount 2.jpg

Bottom Mount 3.jpg
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Re: Bottom Mount for SeaSprite Sonar

Postby Maurice Fraser » Wed Mar 24, 2010 1:51 pm

Nice work Steve, fit for purpose at lowest possible cost...a true mark of quality!

Remember to select the "invert head" software switch in this configuration otherwise you'll end up with a mirror sonar image.

Good luck with the project.

Maurice Fraser
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