Adding a handle to the Pro 4 Joy Stick Controller

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Adding a handle to the Pro 4 Joy Stick Controller

Postby rovsteve » Sun Oct 16, 2011 4:48 pm

One of the less than perfect issues with the Pro 4 Industrial Joy Stick Controller is the lack of hand holds. For some time I have been modifying my Pro 4 controllers to make them more user friendly. Others have asked me for the DIY steps. Here are the eight easy steps.

I use a standard 3' stainless steel cabinet handle. These are easy to find in Home Depot, Lowes and other home improvement stores. You will also need two 1 inch 8/32 stainless steel screws, the ones you get with the handle are carbon steel and will rust. See Photo HC2 below.

1. Remove the two screws located on the bottom of the controller on the cable end. Photo HC3.

2. Unscrew the plastic nut holding the USB cable in place where it enters the controller and slide it down out of the way. Photo HC4

3. Using a piece of plastic or wood, work the end piece loose from the controller box. Do not use metal tools as it will damage the soft plastic. Photo HC5

4. Once loose remove the end piece and slide it about six to eight inches away from the box, careful not to pull the cable out of the interior of the box. HC6

5. Establish your marks for drilling two holes of 0.175 through the end piece. The holes are 3 inches on center apart, located 0.5 inch from the top of the end cap and 0.25 inch from the end face of the end cap.
once marked use a pointed punch to establish holes for the drill bit to start in. Photos HC.7 & HC7b.

6. Place the end cap on a piece of wood, I used a small piece of 2/4 and clamp it in place once the drill bit is centered in the marked spot and at slow speed drill all the way through the plastic. Photo HC8.

7. Insert the 1 inch 8x32 screws from the the side of the end cap that goes inside the box and screw them into the stainless steel handle until tight. Photo HC9

8. Replace the end cap and install the two screws in the bottom and replace the locking cap on the USB line, careful not to over tighten it, it should only be turned until you feel it contact the cable.

Your are now complete. Photo HC10.

Now you have a place to hold onto the controller, it can be carried in one hand and by wrapping your little finger around the handle it give you a better control with your thumb and forefinger for using the joy stick. Photos HC11, HC12 & HC13.

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