Another option for carrying tether

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Another option for carrying tether

Postby High Tide » Thu May 17, 2012 8:08 pm

To minimize the gear I carry and still keep the tether protected, I recently came across an option that has worked well so far. It is called a Big Foot Bag and you can probably find one at most sprting goods or hunting/fishing stores. A google search will take yo to their website. I found that that the small bag is great for carrying 100 meters of neutral and 40 meters of PPT. The nice part is the bag unzips to be completly flat, so you can reverse lay your tether onto it and simply zip it up without wondering if it is going to fit. It is also nice to coil the tether onto a clean surface if you're working from a beach. The bag offers great protection when used as checked baggage and since it zips flat and has loops on the corner it could be used as a tarp to keep off some sun or rain, though the small bag will not offer a lot of sun or rain protection.
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