a couple of tips from a guy who has learnt the hard way

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a couple of tips from a guy who has learnt the hard way

Postby rovtom » Mon Jun 15, 2009 7:39 am

Hi all,
Right well I thought I would share a tip from a guy who has learnt the hard way. Through the years I have worked alongside various rov's, mostly Videorays. I have been in some pretty tight spots and quite a few wrecks. I have recently been on a trip to a place I cannot divulge unfortunately, for now, but can be thankful I knew to do these few things. Right for those of you who are experienced in rov pilotage youll know that the tether is a pain in the rear end, not much can be done about it unfortunately until technology catches up to our needs. So anyway you'll know that from time to time especially in a large wrecks/caves your tether has a tendacncy to get caught, or nicely tie itself into a round turn two half hitch. Right well due to this happening too often especially down at 130m where rescue is not really an option, I deviced a simple plan of attack. In the photo (i hope it uploaded) you'll see the payload on the videoray. Quite a size too. Anyway its hanging upside down and on it youll see top and bottom of it I attached two pieces sticking out. I cant see this in the field of vision I just know they are there. Basically they are my get out of jail free cards, I am thankful that I had them on there, They saved my stress levels. If the tether is afloat snagged on whatever, you can go up to the snag and hook the snag and uncatch yourself. Same goes if the thether has sank onto snag itself, the aluminium rod catches the snag and lifts it off the problem. Now you maybe thinking the manipulator can do all this, nope, no chance. The placement is fine to pick things up from the bottom but from the top you dont stand a chance. Now in open spaces you can generally free yourself so all good. But I cannot express how usefull this rediculous looking zip tied pieces are when in enclosed spaces with a payload like that.

Oh and the other tip is that when you working target is at depth and your boat/vessel is floating over the target, and you dont really want to miss your target due to subsurface currents etc then look to the photo again. I attached a manipulator (not in a graceful manor I know) to hold a drop weight, preferably bio-degradable. This gets you down quickly and drops you onto the target, but just make sure to release the weight quickly before you hit it hard!

:) hope this helps
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