PC Pilot problems

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PC Pilot problems

Postby Isbjoern » Tue Jul 14, 2009 9:11 am

Hi there,

seems like this list is not very active, according to the date of the last post. Hope anyway someone is going to read this and can come up with some solutions.

I just managed to get PC pilot (V 4.4.5) running on my machine, after a lot of swearing and many wasted hours. The first reason for this is that it opens the application window partly outside the screen, i.e. it cuts of the menu bar. Without menu bar there is obviously no way to access the setup or anything. Took me ages to find out that this is the problem - so every time I start the program I have to reduce my screen resolution to 800x600 to get the entire window on my screen, then I can move it a bit further down, then I can resize my screen to the original size (1680x1050).
Any chance to get PC pilot to open the window properly right from the beginning, as all other programs do?
Second reason for wasting time was that PC pilot starts with a default of "0" for the thruster gain in the controller setup. Took me quite some time to figure out that this is why the thrusters didn t work. Would be much more meaningful to start with 70 or 100% here - what s the point in having a 0% gain anyway?

Second problem:
In the controller setup, I can not assign any button to auto heading/auto depth (these options are greyed out). I am using a Pro 3 XE which should be capable of auto depth at least (don t know about auto heading). Any ideas to this one?

And the 3rd:
How do I change the destination folder for the saved video/still images? The default is not an option for me, as C: is the system only partition on my PC and there is no space for video and the like. I had a peek at the .ini files and the registry, but could not really find anything that would do the trick.

Another one:
Why is it not possible to calibrate the compass from PC pilot? Or is it? There was a (not operational) menu entry in earlier PC pilot versions.

And the last:
How do I switch off image of the little videoray buzzing around in the left corner of the window??? This is extremely annoying and completely meaningless...

Some notes for the record:
The "help" menu has only one entry, called "about" - which does not open any about info window, but just displays the controller setup for some milliseconds, that s it. And regarding the web page: Who came up with the idea to hide the download for the PC pilot software in a menu called "Manuals"? Come on people, you are really giving your users a hard time here. It was plain coincidence that I finally found this download after a long search...

Any hints on any of the questions would be very much appreciated!

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Re: PC Pilot problems

Postby marcus_kolb » Tue Aug 04, 2009 1:15 pm

This version was created to simplify the user interface, thus the menu bar is pushed off screen. All menu functions are still accessible using the keyboard shortcuts indicated in the menus such as:
CTRL+J for joystick settings
CTRL+D for depth calibration
CTRL+G for some general settings including which video grabber to use
The gains set to 0 was precautionary, since most people don't configure a joystick profile before starting up their system which can result in the thrusters running full speed in air, which quickly burns out the seals.
The joystick settings are controlled using individual *.con files for each controller type and configuration which can be emailed and we should have several posted. We have changed web site structure significantly and do not have all the available documents and versions of PC Pilot easily available. This will change soon as we are about to release several new versions and are completing the public access structures.
One is an updated version which can work for Pro3 and Pro4 systems.
There are some versions of PC Pilot which incorporate Auto Heading but never passed the Alpha stage. The current production versions do not have Auto Depth and Auto Heading though you can assign 2 proportional axis to Depth, using one to "zero" the sub and the other to control the vertical which greatly reduce the need for auto depth.

The other new version is a completely new PC Pilot based on .net and is currently Pro4 only. It includes transparent heads up displays and controls and begins to take advantage of some of the new capabilities of the Pro4 system including adaptive Auto Heading, Depth and eventually Pitch.
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