Don't lose your ROV

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Don't lose your ROV

Postby ruco » Fri Jan 06, 2006 8:56 am

Now that you have your ROV wouldn't it be sensible to ensure you do not lose it? micro ROVs are as subect to loss as are the work class ones, snagged umbilicals, too strong currents and vessel props can cause the ROV to come away from the tether and float away in to the distance.

There is a solution to this scenario, acoustic equipment markers. These units are small, inexpensive and long lasting. The tracking range of the units is from 1-3 Km and the depth rating is either 1000m or 2000m. These units are about the size of a small cigar and some models have battery life as long as 4 years of continuous use.

The reciever unit can be supplied as a simple topside unit or a diver held system complete with underwater headphones. Thousands of pounds worth of survey equipment has been recovered using this equipment.

Why not let your insurance company know you have one on your ROV, may be they will reduce your premium.

See more details at ImageAcoustic equipment markers
Sonotronics_Pinger_specs.pdf (126.2 k)
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