Portable Digital Video Recorders

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Portable Digital Video Recorders

Postby ruco » Fri Jan 06, 2006 8:45 am

Now that you are using your new ROV it might be time to consider how you will record the images from it and how to manage the video. An ideal tool for this is the NETmc Marine DVR Peli, a true digital video recorder designed for the ROV and diving inspection market.

The system is really flexible with optional video overlay and additional black box recording all in the one box.

Why bother with DVDs and tapes when you can use a truly professional tool.

visit http://www.ruco.co.uk/Digital_Video_Systems.html for specifications and more information.
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Re: Portable Digital Video Recorders

Postby savante » Thu Aug 30, 2007 3:33 am

Alternatively, if you have your own laptop and a USB framegrabber card, then go to http://www.savante.co.uk/VideoCRYPT/vid ... aug_07.pdf.

VideoCRYPT Is a full survey-class digital blackbox recorder solution, utilising MPEG-4 video compression technology.

Focussing ONLY on the essential requirements of a blackbox video recorder; namely video quality, continuous operation and ease of review, VideoCRYPT is the perfect blackbox video solution for the offshore marine, inspection and oil market.

VideoCRYPT has been designed to specifically eliminate the requirement for VHS tape; recording to digital media which can be accessed instantly and transferred electronically. VideoCRYPT operates in continuous-loop recording; at the end of 48 operational hours, old video files are automatically removed.

A significant advantage of VideoCRYPT is its use of MPEG-4 compression, achieving superior video quality compared to the now-aged MPEG-2 standard. The use of a vastly simplified user interface and automated data management means that video can be reviewed instantly and transferred to portable storage media.

VideoCRYPT can be supplied pre-installed on a laptop, 19” rack-mount unit or as a licensed software package for use on client-supplied PC with Windows XP operating system.


• 24-7 continuous-loop blackbox digital video recorder- No more VHS tapes (changing over, snapping, or video quality degradation)
• Simple two-button operation. No training, all your video files are stored in a windows directory.
• No need to delete old video files manually – system maintains itself so you don't have to waste time clearing hard-disks of old files
• Screengrab to JPG format.
• LIVE Video display in full window at full speed – can use the VideoCRYPT as an additional monitor. You can fly from your laptop monitor screen.
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Re: Portable Digital Video Recorders

Postby admin » Thu Sep 06, 2007 11:19 pm

Ruco, the link posted below does not seem to work. Will you please repost. Thanks.
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