Problems with storing the controller setup

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Problems with storing the controller setup

Postby lars » Fri Mar 24, 2006 10:15 am

I experience problems when trying to store the controller setup in PcPilot.
When I save the setup, everything is OK, but when I connect to the ICB nothing works and my controller setup is lost.

Suggestions anyone?

Lars E Uksnoy
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Problems with storing the controller setup

Postby thomas » Thu Apr 27, 2006 1:44 pm

We have been experiencing the same problem since 2004. We are 2 operators, each having different "styles", so the settings for Joystick/Roberto or Wingman/JTB were a pretty simple way to quickly get started.
We thought we were alone, with a specific software/hardware incompatibility.
Lars, I suggest we ask VideoRay to publish an update of the PC Pilot and test it again.
My opinion is that very few of the 500+ users are actually on PC Pilot.
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Problems with storing the controller setup

Postby marcus_kolb » Mon May 01, 2006 1:33 am

First, make sure you have the latest PC Pilot version 1.2 Dec. 7 2004.

There is an odd bug that can cause the controller setup to be lost. It is connected to setting the "Hold" setting.

First, get the controller setup WITHOUT connecting to a VideoRay.
Do a quick configure - just select the controller, setup just the lights without a hold on any axis, enter a name and close. This should create a setup that "sticks" which you can modify to add in all the buttons and axis features you want.
If it doesn't - try again until it does. Usually things are up and going quickly even if you have to redo the joystick setup once or twice.

Next, make sure a straight serial cable is connected from the PC to the ICB. Hit "CTRL S" or "Options", "Setup", "Search for VideoRay"
THEN turn on the ICB.

Once setup on a particular controller, it runs without a hitch.

I have a buggy beta that fixes this along with adding several features. I had hoped to release it for VIPS 05 but still haven't found the time... There are users who almost always use PC Pilot that would appreciate an update, I'm sure.

Older ICBs (no red QC dot on the panel or monitor) only look for a PC connection the first 5 seconds of startup. There is a newer version of ICB code (red QC dot) that lets PC Pilot take control whenever. Anyone who wants the new ICB software can email me for a new chip.
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Problems with storing the controller setup

Postby thomas » Sat Jun 10, 2006 1:03 pm

Thanks, Markus. System is a lot more stable. We are still experiencing some trouble with auto depth +/- increment, but main settings do work and perdure.
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