Low Profile Pro 4 Skid

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Low Profile Pro 4 Skid

Postby tom_glebas » Mon May 03, 2010 9:00 am

For anyone who needs an even smaller ROV...

We are experimenting with a low profile version of the Pro 4 skid. This modification requires 4 holes be drilled and tapped (8-32 thread) in the skid base plate. The holes are spaced at the same distance as the normal attachment screw holes in the weight pods. The weight pods are turned on their sides and attached to the base plate. This does not increase the overall width because the thruster nozzles are still the widest point.

With this modified low profile skid the Pro 4 is 3/4" lower than the standard Pro 4.

The side view cross sectional area of the new skid is dramatically reduced, minimizing the sail effect in cross currents.

The manipulator still fits between the pods, but the ROV no longer rests flat with the manipulator in place. This may not be an issue on shore, and may make it easier to grab small items from a rough bottom.

Further testing is required before we make this standard, but if someone needs a lower profile in the meantime, this is a possible solution.

Let us know if you find this interesting or valuable for your needs. If anyone would like to test this, we would like to get as much operational feedback as possible.




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Re: Low Profile Pro 4 Skid

Postby Jeff Snyder » Fri May 14, 2010 10:59 pm

I like this idea, Tom. It does two things that I really like:

(1) Reduces cross-sectional "sail area" a bit. Hopefully making it less susceptible to cross-currents.

(2) Induces some roll inertia. Hopefully making the sub a bit more stable (not that it is necessarily a problem) with regards to rolling. This can be an issue when you get really close to the bilge keels of vessels during UWILD inspections.
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