MOVED TO SHIPWRECK TRACK -The exploration of the schooner

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MOVED TO SHIPWRECK TRACK -The exploration of the schooner

Postby scott_bentley » Mon Dec 06, 2010 12:19 pm

The exploration of the schooner "Hattie Wells" - A case study of cooperation

Mark Gleason Ph.D. - Great Lakes Naval Memorial and Museum

The recently located Great Lakes shipwreck of the schooner 'Hattie Wells" had not been explored until a team representing several different groups come together to conduct an ROV filming of the wreck site. The team included NOAA, Seaview -a business, and two non-profits; Michigan Shipwreck Research Associates and the Great Lakes naval Memorial and Museum. Each of these groups donated time, equipment and staff to explore the "Hattie Wells" a 160 foot long schooner lost in Lake Michigan early 100 years ago that rests on the lake bottom at approximately 250 feet. The team filmed the site using a Seaeye Falcon, and was able to document the whole wreck. While a small team of divers had briefly visited the wreck when it had been discovered, this team’s summer of 2010 efforts result in the whole wreck being film and the area around the wreck studied. This case study demonstrates the benefits of different organizations working together to document shipwrecks.
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