River Water Intake Inspections

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River Water Intake Inspections

Postby scott_bentley » Mon Dec 06, 2010 2:24 pm

River Water Intake Inspections

Mark I. Klein, Manager of Field Services, S.T. Hudson Engineers Inc.

This presentation is a summary of means methods and findings from a project conducted at an active river water intake for a major oil refinery. Aging infrastructure and plant water use require monitoring and routine inspections which are part of most inland diving and engineering company tasks.
Safety and the need for lock out –tag out procedures add time and significant costs to plant operations in order to conduct these inspections. In situations where plant shut down is not an option, alternative, cost effective solutions are needed.

In this case study, due to the joint use of the intake system by three separate entities, additional challenges developed in scheduling the much needed inspections. No alternative fire water or process water was readily available. After 2 years of coordination and scheduling, inspections were still not accomplished due to numerous unresolved challenges.

This case study shows how a combination of key tools; commercial diving, micro-ROV (VideoRay,) and scanning sonar (Kongsberg, Triptych and Belleview) were all used in various capacities to accurately document the client(s) needs. The findings from these surveys helped a major oil refinery to avoid potentially catastrophic failures or plant shut downs. These tools and methods can be readily used at most if not all intakes to help clients monitor critical conditions.
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