Training DVD for Underwater Anti-terrorism

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Training DVD for Underwater Anti-terrorism

Postby scott_bentley » Mon Dec 13, 2010 11:52 am

Training DVD for Underwater Anti-terrorism

Lt. Jack Stewart, Kent County Emergency Management Coordinator, Kent County Sheriff Department

The Kent County Sheriff Department is a member of the West Michigan Water Security Consortium, a group of agencies that border on Lake Michigan and are responsible for mitigation of terrorism in that area. The consortium just completed a two year long project highlighted by a full scale exercise involving over 115 participants from municipal, county, state and federal agencies, including the US Coast Guard, FBI and DHS. The exercise consisted of a terrorist attack on the City of Grand Rapids water intakes on Lake Michigan, and on the pumping station on shore.

Our microROV and accessories, and acquired through a Homeland Security Grant, was a focal point of the exercise. We used the ROV to locate and assess the damage to the water intakes, as well as locate an unexploded Improvised Exploding Device. In order to assist other agencies, we used this exercise as footage to make a training DVD for the Department of Homeland Security. The training DVD, complete with special effects, was created with a professional film crew.

Through the distribution of this DVD, we can assist other agencies involved in protecting critical infrastructure with preparation for and conduct of response and investigation of a terrorist incident. We expect the DVD will impart this information in both an effective and entertaining fashion – and this will improve understanding and retention by agencies involved in underwater anti-terrorism. The DVD will be made available to attendees.
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