Facilitating MicroROV System Development

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Facilitating MicroROV System Development

Postby scott_bentley » Thu Dec 16, 2010 3:25 pm

Facilitating MicroROV System Development

Andy Goldstein, Director of Software Development, VideoRay LLC

Using off the shelf components can greatly reduce development costs and minimize project schedule risks. This can be especially true of undersea system innovation where the difficulty of in-situ testing makes engineering costly and risk prone. Employing a mature field tested subsea platform as a base can mitigate many of these risks.

There are benefits to the platform provider as well. External developers will often push the technological envelope in ways the original equipment manufacturer cannot. They act as technology partners helping to advance the main line product.

There are several provisions an equipment manufacturer can supply to facilitate the use of their product in research and development scenarios. In this presentation the VideoRay PRO4 Academic & Research Program is used as a case study of an initiative designed explicitly to encourage the use of a commercial ROV as an R&D platform. Features of this program will be discussed including: initial hardware platform, software, and tool pricing; choice of applicable development tools, availability and types of documentation, community building, and reintegration of externally developed technologies.

This presentation will also highlight several examples of academic and commercial use cases which illustrate the benefits to both the technology provider and the developer.
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