Hydrabotix, international ROV services.

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Hydrabotix, international ROV services.

Postby rovtom » Mon Jun 15, 2009 7:08 am

Hi All, Tom here,
Hydrabotix is a company originally setup in Plymouth, England, although now partnered with various companies all over, including the National Marine Aquarium. A business partner in Scotland runs the show up there too. we also will be expanding hopefully across the water soon to the US and Australia. Hydrabotix offers Micro ROV inspection and retrieval services for commercial and private use, plus will soon possibly be offering commercial diving services and rov pilot recruitment. Our rates are very competitive and we offer our services to the world. Anyway drop a line its always good to talk to people with similar interests.

Our website is www.hydrabotix.com

Tom Wadsworth
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