Crossmon Consulting, LLC - Pilot Consultant

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Crossmon Consulting, LLC - Pilot Consultant

Postby T. Crossmon » Tue Jun 16, 2009 11:38 pm

Tom Crossmon
Phone: +1 (218) 349-8970
Location: Hermantown, MN
Service Area: Global

Certified VideoRay Instructor since 2004 (Pro 3 & Pro 4)
Certified BlueView Sonar Instructor
Certified Instructor KCF Technologies Smart Tether Micro-ROV Position Tracking System
Certified Instructor LYYN Visibility Enhancement System Micro-ROV Operations Experience

- Search and Recovery
- Under Ice Operations
- Evidence Recovery
- High Current Operations
- Pipe Inspection
- Salvage Surveying
- Port Security
- Wreck Diving
- Science & Research
- Ship Hull Inspection
- Hydroelectric Intake Inspection
- Infrastructure Project Inspections
- Deep Operations

Additional Technologies Experience
BlueView Technologies Imaging Sonar (P450, P900 and DF P900/2250)
Tritech Sea Sprite Scanning Sonar
KCF Technologies Smart Tether Micro-ROV Position Tracking System
Tritech MicroNav Micro-ROV Position Tracking System
VideoRay Radiation Sensor
LYYN Visibility Enhancement System
Marine Sonic Side Scan Sonar
Tritech Sea King Sonar
Kongsberg MS 1000 Sonar
Starfish Side Scan Sonar
Humminbird Side Scan Sonar
T. Crossmon
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