The Application of Long Distance Robotic Telepresence

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The Application of Long Distance Robotic Telepresence

Postby chrisol » Sun Mar 07, 2010 10:57 pm

At Marine Resources Development Foundation the focus of our research with VideoRay is in the area of very long distance (internet) robotic telepresence. Key areas of investigation include: reliability; minimized control lags; and intuitive controllers using all our innate human senses/capabilities, so that we literally find ourselves somewhere else ... immersed and fully capable in another environment.

Thru a virtual internet presence in our manned underwater laboratory, we bring this technology as it develops into remote classrooms, laboratories, museums & aquariums around the world for their own testing, project development and education ... where they can "fly" VideoRay from afar.

This VideoRay technology is also available to on-site diving students and aquanauts that participate in our manned underwater laboratory programs. Last summer over 160 high school student/divers and their science teachers piloted VideoRay from under the sea using multiple control interfaces including head mounted display/head motion controllers.

We are encouraging educators, students and researchers to come-up with creative project ideas that can be conducted in the marine environment outside our submerged manned undersea station ... from their classrooms, labs, science centers, museums or aquariums ... over the internet using the VideoRay ROV.

If you or your organization is interested in participating or collaborating in this on-going educational/research program, would like to bring internet ROV control into your classroom, laboratory, science center, museum or aquarium for scientific, educational or research purposes, ... or you own a VideoRay and would like to test or implement internet ROV control at your own facility, post a message here and contact

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